COVID-19 Protocol

There is a lot of uncertainty around the COVID-19 at the moment and Government has called on business to bolster their hygiene control. The Practice will remain fully operational, with the following steps to ensure the safety of all:

Pam Black Bio Practice Covid-19 Procedures
  1. Hand sanitiser compulsory on entry and exit of the studio
  2. All equipment and surfaces shall continue to be cleaned extensively with an anti-bacterial agent prior to and post sessions and classes
  3. Persons in studio limited to myself and the client/patient during Bio sessions
  4. Masks are to be worn at all times by any persons entering the studio.
  5. Anyone who has experienced cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days to rather reschedule when healthy or consider an online appointment.
  6. Individuals who have traveled overseas in the last 14 days, especially in high risk countries, rather make an online appointment or delay booking until at least two weeks has passed and not presenting with any cold/flu-like symptoms