Pam Black BA Biokinetics (Honors)

My Journey into Biokinetics was an unusual one. From a 10-year period in the corporate world, to following a passion for movement into the fitness industry.

I still felt that there was so much more to learn, and therefore in my early 30’s decided to study further and embrace my passion for the human body and helping others.

My initial study track was Sports Psychology but then I was accepted into Biokinetics at WITS, even though I was still working full-time. The next few years were challenging to say the least, balancing full-time studies and a fitness business. The culmination resulting in obtaining an Honors Degree in Biokinetics from NMMU.

My special interest is in sports and special population groups such as young adults and children. My sporting background started with dance, gymnastics, athletics and horse-riding. I have since gone on to complete 3 Ironman, 7 Ironman 70.3, and numerous smaller triathlon and cycling events. This sporting experience has given me a working knowledge of my own body in sport, which has assisted in working with others.

My work experience as a Biokineticist spans more than 10 years. Over this time I’ve had extensive exposure to a full range of conditions. Firstly, as part of a busy practice in Johannesburg then onto my own Practice in Port Elizabeth.

I believe that we never stop learning, which is why I work with various Medical Practitioners and Professionals for the benefit of my patients.